Become a Beta-Tester

Details of the guard2me© beta test program

It’s now less than 3 years that we initiated the development of the telematic based assistant guard2me©, we have reached the final stages and are planning general availability falling on the first half of 2014. Right now and in order to optimize the development we are recruiting beta tester: The aim of the beta test will be to maximize the comfort level of the real users with the guard2me©.

Beta tester would be reporting any potential improvements in regards of ease of use of the product and the interface and technical bugs if any (hardware and software) . Technical improvement will be available in the form of updates, those updates will be free of charge and mostly automatically uploaded to the product (over the air update technology).

The number of beta tester is limited. Beta tester will be immediately granted a 20% rebate valid on hardware and yearly subscription (service and use of the guard2me© platform).