Privacy Policy

LOSTnFOUND® data protection regulations on the web

Area of application

This explanation concerns all websites of LOSTnFOUND® and their sub-sites.

Personal Information

In the normal case you can bring up our internet sites without having to give any information about your person. However, in certain cases we do require information from you, for example so that we can correspond with you, in order to carry out an order, to provide a subscription or if you report a found item. If necessary as a third factor we may require details to carry out a transaction or to offer you a better service.

Use of your data

  • To fulfil your requests whether we or a third party are involved.
  • In order to contact you in view of a survey about customer satisfaction, for marketing purposes or in connection with a transaction.
  • For marketing purposes of LOSTnFOUND® and accredited third parties, if you have agreed to your data being used for these purposes.
  • For the development of business relationships if you are a business partner or supplier.

Your options

  • If we collect data from you, you can request that we do not use this data for further marketing contacts. We will respect this wish.
  • You can set the cookies in your browser to inactive.

Important information

LOSTnFOUND® complies with the EU/US/Safe Harbor guidelines. In order to correct false information in the data record of LOSTnFOUND®, reply to the sender or contact us at


For any questions concerning this explanation or to LOSTnFOUND®s use of your data you can send an email to the following address: