LOSTnFOUND presents the award-winning assistance system that helps track dementia patients

guard2me: A small wearable provides more security and quality of life

Barcelona (Spain)/Adliswil (Switzerland), February 23rd, 2014. On the occasion of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, LOSTnFOUND presents a digital assistance system for patients with dementia. With the help of “guard2me”, caregivers can find out where the wearer of the GPS watch is located. This means that patients with dementia regain more freedom and a better quality of life, and caregivers and family members are being relieved.

Patients with dementia – independence and self-determination are important
More and more families are affected by Alzheimer’s diseases. Current studies assume that by the year 2050 the number of cases of dementia around the world will triple. The disease is very associated with disorientation: people with dementia tend to wander, get lost and be unable to remember the way home. However, it is important for the self-respect of these patients that they maintain their independence and self-determination – and that as long as possible. With its guard2me© product, the Swiss company LOSTnFOUND offers a tracking device that helps dementia patients regain a better quality of life and supports the family and caregivers.

Small GPS watch – great support
The system, which was especially developed to support dementia patients, consists of three main components: a GPS watch with embedded tracking device and SIM card and a web portal or app for smartphones. The location of the wearer of the watch is tracked via GPS and then transmitted to the web portal via the mobile network. The current position can be shown on a digital map (Google maps). As a special feature, the system can track the wearer even when he/she is indoors. This means that caregivers can locate the person very precisely even where there are only weak or no GPS signals, for example in hospitals, housing areas, parking garages or shopping centres. Thanks to the integrated SIM card, guard2me© can be used in 145 countries. The web portal, app and watch are easy and self-explanatory to use.

In the web portal the user can fix tracking intervals and also set a safe or danger zone. If the wearer leaves a certain radius, for example around the home or the hospital, an alert message will be posted to the web portal and/or smartphone. Special privacy settings ensure that confidential information can only be accessed by registered users.

An intelligent sensor integrated into the watch recognizes when the wearer has fallen and immediately sends a text message to the caregiver. The guard2me©-watch is also equipped with an SOS button. When this button is pushed, guard2me© immediately sends the current position. If a patient has fallen or the panic button (SOS button) has been pressed, the watch’s display enables the display of important information such as blood type, medication taken or other similar information. This information can be vital for the treatment by rescue teams for example.

guard2me© can also help monitor a condition or identify trends in the person’s behaviour. Once logged in, the personal guard2me© account provides historical data which can be useful when adjusting the sensitivity and alerts. This also helps spot anomalies and changes in a person’s life patterns and behaviours.

Market launch in March 2014
After a test phase of more than six months, guard2me© will be available on the market from early March 2014. Family members and caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients can find further information on the website, where they can also order the system. The price for the watch is €298, plus a monthly service fee which is currently €25 including the SIM card.

Award-winning technology
During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas guard2me© won the “Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Award”. The tracking system for people with Alzheimer’s disease was developed by the Swiss company LOSTnFOUND together with leading technology partners. LOSTnFOUND has been successfully developing and marketing tracking systems for vehicles and movable goods for several years.

Product features
  • Seamless coverage in 145 countries at no extra cost.
  • Works indoors, outdoors and in areas of poor GPS signal including on overcast days.
  • Uses Google Maps so updating or purchasing additional maps is not necessary.
  • SOS button enables the wearer to notify someone if they are in difficulty.
  • Medical information: guard2me© can display up to 160 characters when the SOS button is triggered or when the wearer has fallen.
  • The safe or danger zone option allows you to set a specific perimeter. You will be alerted if the wearer wanders outside this area
  • Since we use Google maps, you can use satellite and street view to assist in locating the person and you can get directions to them from your current location.
  • G-Sensor detects if the wearer has fallen (based on a sudden change of altitude and on the person’s movement patterns)
  • You can have up to 500 guard2me© devices working on your account.
  • Detailed reports and historical data are available

About LOSTnFOUND: The company LOSTnFOUND AG, LOSTnFOUND (Deutschland) GmbH, LOSTnFOUND (France) SAS und LOSTnFOUND (Polska) sp. z.o.o specializes in intelligent solutions for the protection, monitoring and retrieval of property – from the securing and identification of mobile devices to online tracking of vehicles and technical equipment. LOSTnFOUND developed the first solution in this area in 2007 and is one of the leading suppliers in this market. The company, which has offices in Germany, Austria, France, Poland, Italy, and Switzerland, has agreements with more than 75 network suppliers and offers all solutions with individual SIM cards. The solutions already work in more than 145 countries.

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